At Motif, we believe there is a better way to extract. For us, it isn’t just about becoming a large scale, industrial processor of cannabis. It’s about producing the best formulations and highest quality product on the market.


To achieve this vision, our team has travelled abroad to learn from leaders in the extraction space, assessed the top equipment and hardware vendors, and consult with industry experts to perfect extraction methodologies. 

The result is a proven extraction process that works flawlessly and efficiently. 


At Motif, we believe in the art of extraction.

Ian Haase

Founder & CEO

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Mario Naric

Founder & COO

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Mandy Kang


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Niccolo Aieta

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PHD Chemical Engineer and Founder of leading cannabis company, Spherex. Niccolo is an industry expert in extraction and formulation.

Larry Lau

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Serial entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience in scaling, branding, and marketing. 

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