We are committed to constantly improving extraction efficiency and producing the best formulations on the market.

Our process design principles are simple: utilize proven technology, design with scale in mind, and maximize cannabinoid retention. The result is a repeatable process that will scale with our client’s needs.


Do not settle for mediocre outputs at astronomical prices.

Comprehensive sampling and testing protocol is followed for all incoming cannabis, and non-cannabis materials. We ensure your products maintain full compliance through the entire sales cycle.

& Test 

Extract Terpenes

It starts with targeted cultivation and harvesting procedures and ends with well thought out extraction processes. Through a combination of low pressures, gentle heating and extremely cold nitrogen-driven condensation, we maximize terpene yields and profiles.


Utilizing equipment that comes from decades of R&D, we implement a unique co-solvent CO2 process that ensures industry-leading yields. Feed preparation, temperature, flow and pressure are optimized, so you get the most out of your crop


We use a proprietary solvent recovery method that reduces temperature exposure from hours to seconds.  This is followed by our unique filtration method, which ensures maximum throughput capacity.  The result is a shorter wait time and a product that is as true to the plant as possible.

  • Unique filtration method which ensures maximum throughput capacity. Which means less of a wait for our customers.


This is the final purification step.  We purify the oil to a +95% cannabinoid potency while losing minimal cannabinoids in the process.  The result is a low flavour, low aroma and easily doseable distillate oil. Incredible formulations come from incredible ingredients.

  • Low-temperature exposure method 

  • Scalable process 


With decades of combined cannabinoid formulation experience, our team of experts will work with you to create a premium tincture, vaporizer capsule or water-soluble.

We offer compliant packaging/fulfilling options that meet industry standards.  Our team will help you source vaporizer hardware, packaging and labelling through our extensive network of leading vendors.

  • Compliance – meet industry standards and regulations.

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